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    Our motto of INSPIRATION, The dimensions of design our products have created for your corporate world.
    We are inspired by customer’s think of vision.
  • Synthetic Leather
    Manufacturer & Exporter
    Kodel Uniquoters manufactures and exports
    a comprehensive range of leather products of latest designs and patterns made of premium quality leather.
  • Furnishing Leather

    Manufacturer & Exporter

    It will not be wrong to mention that leather is a products that has been there for many centuries.
    The people of earlier times were involved in hunting animals and then they used their skins for covering their bodies.
  • Automotive Leather
    Manufacturer & Exporter
    Kodel Company capability extends to the manufacture of
    Seat covers, Trim inserts, Steering Wheel covers.

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Kodel Uniquoters

ISO 9001:2008, CE Certified Comapny.



Kodel uniquoters offers an excellent range of PCV Vinyl for the automobile industry in USA, Europe, China and India.

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Artificial Leather is widely used in the footwear industry because of the fantastic variety and high durability.

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Kodel Uniquoters offer a wide range of products for the furnishing industry in a variety of colours, textures and feels.

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Lifestyle Products

The versatility of artifical leather allows it to be used in a wide range of products like purses, bags, briefcases, dairy covers etc.

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